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Once selected you will be supported by the social enterprise fundraising experts at StartSomeGood to get you ready to both give a great pitch and to run a great crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is a significant commitment so think carefully before applying for this opportunity.

Criteria (What We're Looking For)

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What Kind of Parramatta Do You Want to Create?

Finalists will be trained in crowdfunding and pitching by StartSomeGood and paired with a mentor who has crowdfunded before. This is about honing your story and outreach plans to maximise your success! 

Pitch for Good will be the launch of your crowdfunding campaign and a huge fundraising opportunity in its own right. All ticket sales will be distributed to enterprises on the night, and the City of Parramatta will match the funds raised!

Funds raised at Pitch for Good will be pledged towards your crowdfunding campaign on StartSomeGood, giving you incredible early momentum and a great chance to more than double your funds already raised, helping you reach your fundraising goals and make a bigger difference.

How does this work?

This is a chance to use social enterprise to help create the future of our community.

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  • Project must demonstrate how it will create positive social change for residents, other people (visitors, workers) and/or organisations/groups withi the City of Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA);
  • Project must be a new social enterprise initiative;
  • Applicant must be committed to establishing the social enterprise in the City of Parramatta LGA if successful;
  • Application must be received in full by midnight September 7.
General Eligibility:
Assessment Criteria:
  • Extend to which the project demonstrates how it will create position social/environmental/cultural impact within the City of Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA);
  • Pitch must be related to a new/startup social enterprise (*Applications will be considered in relation to the running of a pilot for a new social enterprise, but only where evidence is provided of investment commitments which will enable the establishment of the social enterprise depending on the success of the pilot);
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of social enterprise business models;
  • Evidence that the social enterprise, proposal or pilot is ready to be established if successful in your crowdfunding campaign, including evidence of engagement with relevant individuals or groups within the LGA needed to support the project;
  • The viability and attractiveness of initial ideas for the crowdfunding campaign and evidence of commitment to running a strong crowdfunding campaign, including details of networks that will be targeted to contribute;
  • Demonstrates a diversity of future revenue generation and realistic extent and expectation of crowdfunding;
  • Evidence of need or strengths-based opportunity;
  • Achievability of the project objectives;
  • Extent to which the target group has been engaged in the project development.
Key Dates:
  • Applications due by midnight September 7
  • Selection by September 13
  • Crowdfunding coaching late September
  • Pitch coaching early October
  • Crowdfunding campaign soft launch October 21
  • Pitch for Good event Monday October 23
  • Crowdfunding campaigns finish November 30
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