a unique chance for Australian social enterprises to raise the capital you need to grow.

This program is designed to build a bridge between Australia's emerging social entrepreneurs and the capital that exists to support the growth of social enterprises. It will:


Why SEFA:Crowdmatch?

Help inspire greater community support through the promotion of the potential match by the enterprises running crowdfunding; 

Increase the sustainability and skills of the social enterprise by giving them access to feedback from SEFA on their business proposition and from StartSomeGood on community fundraising and marketing;

Help more social enterprises demonstrate their credit worthiness and potential; and


SEFA:Crowdmatch is combining StartSomeGood’s community facing social enterprise crowdfunding platform with SEFA’s mission to maximise social and environmental impact by using innovative lending solutions to help create a stronger and more dynamic social enterprise sector. 

If approved for the program you will have the opportunity to prove that there is community support for your enterprise by raising at least $50,000 on StartSomeGood and qualify for a loan of $50,000+ to fuel your growth.

To apply you'll need to describe your progress, financials and plan for growth. You will then be considered by SEFA's investment committee. If chosen you'll be connected with StartSomeGood to set up and launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Allow more social enterprises to raise the capital they need to scale, increasing their social impact and sustainability.

How will it work?

The SEFA:CrowdMatch comprises of four distinct steps:

  1. You can express an interest in participating in the CrowdMatch program by completing the Expressions of Interest form. We will contact you within a week to give you feedback on your options for financing under the program. Typically, your options will be (i) you pass the initial assessment of your financial sustainability and we invite you to progress to the next stage of the CrowdMatch platform or (ii) you are not quite ready for a loan and StartSomeGood will contact you with some crowdfunding based funding solutions.

  2. In the second stage of the program, we will work closely with you to test the robustness of your business model under a number of loan servicing scenarios. The outcomes of this process can be (i) that your business model stands up to the stress testing, and a loan is made available to your organisation, which may be subject to a successful crowdfund raising with StartSomeGood or (ii) your business model does not stand up to the stress testing and StartSomeGood will contact you with some crowdfunding based solutions.

  3. In the third stage of the program, a letter of offer outlining the terms of the loan offer will be sent to you for acceptance, at which time you will need to pay half of the loan establishment fee (generally 1.25% of the approved loan amount, from which a fee will be paid to StartSomeGood for the administration of the program). 

  4. You will be working closely with StartSomeGood in phase 4 to raise the required amount of crowdfunding (if this is a loan requirement). A 5% fee is payable to StartSomeGood upon a successful raise. Once you have successfully raised the crowdfunds, the remaining 50% establishment fee is payable to SEFA and we can begin the loan documentation process. Funds are drawn once all the loan documentation has been finalised. 



SEFA has been established to provide tailored finance to social enterprises on commercial terms together with targeted business advice and support. Fundamental to this is a commitment to helping clients build their capacity to manage debt and become financially sustainable over time. SEFA seeks to maximize social and environmental impact in addition to supporting financial returns and a viable sector.

At SEFA we believe that ‘social impact’ financing can contribute to a more sustainable world. SEFA with its collaborators and partners are proactive in understanding the needs of social entrepreneurs and enterprises and in tailoring SEFA’s lending solutions we want to:

  • encourage sustainable growth and development of the social enterprise sector, the wider community sector, and encourage good environmental practice;
  • increase awareness of appropriate financial solutions to encourage self-sufficiency of resources and create employment opportunities to those whom most need it;
  • build new sources of investment funds to be accessed by viable enterprises that look to develop indigenous, community, environmental values, and promote self-determination and financial independence;
  • create a robust and imaginative fund that encourages aboriginal enterprises to achieve long term viability.

You can learn more about SEFA at




StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform that supports social benefit projects. Since launching in 2011 we have helped over 500 projects raised over $5 million and we have one of the best success rates in crowdfunding, with over 50% of projects reaching their goals. As a social enterprise ourselves we love working with social enterprises. See more at

Who is SEFA?

Who is StartSomeGood?

1. Does SEFA give out grants?

No, SEFA will only provide funding in the form of loans. One of the main objectives of SEFA is to encourage sustainable growth, leverage successful borrowing to gain financial autonomy of your enterprise.

2. How can I express an interest in SEFA Crowdmatch?

You just need to submit your email above and we'll send you the link to the expression of interest form. Don't worry if you don't have all the information - SEFA will work with you to develop your application.

3. What is SEFA’s lending criteria?

A social enterprise is evaluated by SEFA on essentially three social and economic criteria:

A clear social mandate

We lend money primarily to businesses, social entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organisations with clear aims in one or more of the following three key areas;

  • community development
  • enhancing the environment
  • indigenous enterprise

A viable plan to create economic value

A clear objective for the enterprise and the purpose for loan funds must be articulated. Formulating a plan that identifies sources of income, a business activity and uses standard management tools demonstrates a viable working enterprise and their ability to service a loan package.

Responsible lending to structure social finance that meets your organisation’s needs

SEFA has been established to support the development of social enterprise, which means we work with you to assess your ability to have a viable business proposition that will generate income to support social and community outcomes.

Rather than measuring your loan application solely against fixed or traditional banking criteria, we use our expertise, flexibility and judgment to understand your organization’s particular situation. So your application is assessed on its widest merits in a supportive consultative approach.

We’ll keep you informed at every stage of the process, so you know how your application is progressing.

4. What size loan can I apply for?

Loans can be from $50,000 to $1 million. SEFA will work with you to determine what loan type might best work for you, to give you the best outcome without placing too much financial strain on your organisation.

5. How much will I need to crowdfund in order to qualify for the loan?

Once approved you will need to raise at least $50,000 on StartSomeGood to demonstrate the community support for your venture.

6. What interest rates do you charge on your loans?

The interest rate will also vary depending on the amount of risk associated with the loan and the amount of the loan.

7. Is there an application fee?

There is not an application fee for submission of the Expressions of Interest. However, there will be an establishment fee of 1.25% of the loan amount should you accept the offer of a loan. This covers the administration of the loan and this program. Funds raised on incur a 5% fee.

Frequently Asked Questions: SEFA

Frequently Asked Questions about StartSomeGood can be found here.Find out more about how crowdfunding works here.Sign up for StartSomeGood's free 5-part email course here.

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