A matched funding opportunity for social enterprises which employ young people 

We are working with a leading Australian philanthropic foundation to find the best youth employment-generating social enterprises in Australia and to support approved projects to raise $50,000 by crowdfunding on StartSomeGood.com, matched with $100,000 from the Foundation. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by the Foundation and complete a further application.


Your email will not be shared, except with the funding partner if you are short-listed.

We want to help you start more good this year

This matched-funding opportunity is for tax-deductible Australian social enterprises who create employment outcomes for young people. If you are doing innovative work and have an idea for how to increase your impact, whether by launching a new social enterprise or expanding your existing venture, we would love to hear from you! Successful applicants will be supported to raise $150,000 for your project, $100,000 from our funding partner (who you will meet if you are short-listed) and $50,000 from your community via a campaign on StartSomeGood, Australia's most successful social enterprise crowdfunding platform. In addition to the 2 X funding match you will have access to the best coaching and support to make your campaign as successful as possible. At StartSomeGood we call this approach Crowdmatch.


By leveraging an up-front commitment from a funder you are able to raise much more than you would on your own, and more than they could give you on their own.


Crowdfunding is a great way to articulate your change story and needs, made highly sharable by the game dynamics and social media compatability of crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding is a community undertaking. Engage your stakeholders and expand your reach by inviting them (and making it easy for them) to be part of your fundraising efforts.

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The benefits of Crowdmatch

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The really good news? 95% of StartSomeGood Crowdmatch campaigns reach their fundraising goals.

You will never have a better chance to run an amazing crowdfunding campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are you looking for?

We are looking for non-profit social enterprises with a clear focus on and track record of generating youth employment outcomes.

Organisations may be working in any community sector and located anywhere within Australia. However to qualify you must be:

1. An Australian-based organisation with Item 1 DGR and TCC endorsement (Note organisations who are not Item 1 DGR and TCC cannot apply);

2. A new or existing stand alone social enterprise or a traditional charity who is seeking to diversify your funding through the development of a social business;

3. Clear on your approach to measurement and the likely impact of your enterprise;

4. Interested in developing scalable, sustainable and measurable business models for delivering community benefit through social enterprises or social businesses;

5. Addressing a clearly identified gap in the market which your concept seeks to fill;

6. Ready and willing to run an energetic crowdfunding campaign in October/November 2017.

Who is eligible to apply?

Please see the criteria above.

How do I apply?

Just register your interest via the button above and we'll send you a link to the application form.

What's the deadline?

Expressions of interest are due by April 30.

What happens next?

You will know if you have been short-listed by the first week of May. If you are short-listed you will be find out who the funding partner is while being interviewed and preparing a full application for them, which will be due by the first week of June. There is no guarantee that any application will be funded; you must meet their criteria and standards for your application to be approved.

When will I know if I’m successful?

Short-listed applicants who successfully progress to the next round will be presented to the funding committee in early September, and will be informed soon after that if successful.

When will I run my crowdfunding campaign if successful?


What support will I receive to achieve this?

You will work with a member of StartSomeGood’s support team throughout your campaign building period and have free access to their online masterclass and all other materials including an exclusive webinar. You will have personal advice and support from one of StartSomeGood’s Crowdfunding Guru’s and both StartSomeGood and our partner will share participating campaigns through our email newsletters and social media.

Why do I need to be an Australian Item 1 DGR organisation?

The funding partner for this opportunity is Australian foundation limited under Australian taxation regulations in who they can grant to.

How does the match work?

The ultimate success of your crowdfunding campaign will be largely up to you – but you will be set up to succeed! Your campaign will start with $100,000 contributed by our funding partner, so you will only have $50,000 to go to reach your goal of (at least) $150,000. This will be very encouraging to any potential supporters, and strongly validate your enterprise idea.

What does it take to succeed at Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is about building a team around your idea and your project who want to help make it happen.

To do this you will need to tell a great story about the impact you are creating and why you need help, now. The up-front investment from our partner will make this pitch a lot more compelling and urgent!

Crowdfunding is about community-building, and your campaign is an invitation to people to get involved and be part of creating a better future.

To get involved they need to know it’s happening though, so the second key element after story is outreach. You need to think carefully about the community you want to build and have an outreach plan to connect with the groups likely to care about the work you’re doing.

To learn more about crowdfunding check out StartSomeGood’s free 5-part email course or our (not free) crowdfunding masterclass on Udemy.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted by midnight April 30.