Four projects will be selected for this opportunity. You will receive training and coaching from fundraising experts at StartSomeGood to run a great crowdfunding campaign for your project, with a goal of at least $4,000 and the City of Canning will put in the first $2,000 to get you off the mark. Crowdfunding is a significant commitment so think carefully before applying for this opportunity.

But if you haven't Crowdfunded before, don't worry! This program isn't about throwing you in the deep end. It's about teaching you to craft a great campaign using everything StartSomeGood has learned through supporting over 1,000 successful fundraisers, with the highest project success rate in cause-crowdfunding.

Criteria (What We're Looking For)

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What Kind of Canning Do You Want to Create?

How does this work?

This is a chance to launch, test, adapt and grow projects that create a more sustainable community.

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  • Projects must demonstrate how they will create positive change in at least one identified area of sustainability (listed above);
  • Applicant must be committed, if successful, to either establishing the project in the City of Canning or run a program/project in the City of Canning, with a view to undertaking further activities in Canning into the future;
  • Commitment to diversity, reflected by those in leadership roles;
  • Able to participate in live coaching sessions and workshops during June. Calls will be conducted virtually using Zoom.
  • Willing to present your project at a live pitch event hosted by the City of Canning in early July.
  • Willing and able to run a crowdfunding campaign in July with a goal of at least $4,000 and no more than $10,000 (You must meet your goal in order to receive the City of Canning's investment of $2,000)
General Eligibility:
Assessment Criteria:
  • The extent to which the project demonstrates how it will create a more sustainable City of Canning;
  • The project can relate to a new/startup social enterprise or community project, or an established social enterprise or community project that is running a program that has not been run in the City of Canning before;
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of sustainability and the impacts you seek to create;
  • Evidence that the project is ready to begin as soon as the fundraising campaign concludes. (Proof of engagement with relevant individuals or groups within Canning needed to support the project, will be highly regarded);
  • The viability and attractiveness of initial idea and evidence of commitment to running a strong crowdfunding campaign, including details of networks that will be targeted to contribute;
  • Achievability of the project objectives.
Key Dates:
  • Applications due by date 28 June 2019 (Midnight)
    • Coaching and crowdfunding preparation: July 14 - Aug 14

    • Crowdfunding campaigns: Launching Mid August

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Do you have an idea to create a more sustainable City of Canning?

If so, we want to help you launch it!

The City of Canning and StartSomeGood are collaborating to support local community projects, non-profits and social enterprises with plans to make Canning a Sustainable City.

We are looking for projects that address the following themes:

Canning Sustainability Challenge

Supporting community-led sustainability projects in the

 City of Canning

Apply by June 28th




in the

City of Canning

Apply by May 31

1. Carbon Reduction & Energy Transformation
2. Circular Economy & Sustainable Resource Management
3. Sustainable Transport
4. Community Capital and Social Impact
5. Water Sensitivity & Literacy
6. Biodiversity, the Natural Environment & Land Use
7. Innovation & Leadership
8. Local Economy & Sustainable Business
9. A Healthy & Safe City
10. Sustainable Development, Planning & Infrastructure

If selected, you will receive:

Access to StartSomeGood's "Crowdfunding for Changemakers" video course.

4 x Live coaching calls with a StartSomeGood Crowdfunding Coach

The opportunity to share your vision and story at a live pitch event.

The first $2,000 of your fundraising goal provided by the City of Canning

Four projects will receive $2,000 in seed funding, opportunities to share their ideas, plus coaching calls and training from cause-crowdfunding specialists StartSomeGood to raise additional funds via an online crowdfunding campaign.

Applications close Midnight, 28 June 2019

If you have a vision for a more sustainable Canning, and a plan to make it happen, this is your chance!