The One Planet / crowdmatch funding program is available to not-for-profit organisations, local businesses and individuals seeking to undertake innovative projects or provide community activities which align with the City of Fremantle’s One Planet Strategy and the ten principles of sustainability that it communicates.

Additionally this program will be structured as a ‘participatory funding’ process, wherein members of the community are able to see each project pitched, and actively participate in the determination of which projects are funded to deliver maximum community sustainability outcomes across the One Planet Principles.

Sustainability is 10% inspiration, 30% perspiration and 60% good marketing / positive PR – and we believe that in offering the community access to funding, support to develop and deliver measurable sustainability outcomes, and an opportunity to participate in the City’s sustainability strategy in a meaningful way, we can achieve and maintain a high level of community support for sustainability actions, projects and policy in the City of Fremantle.


  • Project / event / program must be developed / delivered in and for the City of Fremantle and its residents and visitors.
  • Project / event / program must be, as much as possible, transferrable / replicable / open source to ensure maximum sustainability outcomes.
  • Project / event / program must identify alignment with three or more principles of sustainability as articulated in the One Planet Strategy (see below)


The program will leverage significant additional funding by partnering with StartSomeGood through the Crowdmatch program, which aims to increase the value of local government investment into community initiatives by encouraging each project to match the local government funding investment through crowdfunding. 

Header image by flickr user Shashank Mehrotra (CC BY 2.0)


Timeline & How it will work

  1. You can complete an Expression of Interest form to be considered for the Crowdmatch program. Applications that meet the criteria will be notified on 7th March 2016 and invited to present their initiative at the One Planet Pitch Event on Thursday, 31st March 2016.
  2. Selection of participating campaigns and grant funding amounts provided by City of Fremantle will be determined by judges and community vote.
  3. A shortlist of 10 – 20 applications will then go to the expert panel, and successful projects selected. Those projects will work with StartSomeGood and receive crowdfunding training while developing their own campaign page.
  4. All One Planet: Crowdmatch campaigns will launch online on Monday, 2nd May 2016 and finish on Friday, 17th June 2016
  5. Campaigns will be invited to celebrate the completion of their crowdfunding campaign and the launch of their projects on Friday, 24th June 2016!

Who is City of Fremantle?

The City of Fremantle is determined to earn, through hard work, community engagement, investment, research and innovation, a place at the top of the ‘most sustainable Councils’ list. We’re a Council that strives for best practice across the ten principles of sustainability as outlined in our One Planet Strategy, and who values our community’s involvement in our sustainability journey.

What is One Planet Initiative?

The One Planet Living international sustainability initiative is based on the idea that to live sustainably we need to live within the limits of one planet’s natural resources. If everyone continues to live like the average Australian, we would need more than four planets to support the current world population. By applying the One Planet principles Councils can work towards measurable and achievable sustainability outcomes.

Who is StartSomeGood?

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform that supports social benefit projects. Since launching in 2011 we have helped over 500 projects raised over $5 million and we have one of the best success rates in crowdfunding, with over 50% of projects reaching their goals. As a social enterprise ourselves we love working with social enterprises. See more at

The program will be open to local businesses, not-for-profits and individuals.
Project owners do not necessarily have to reside in the City of Fremantle, however projects / events / programs / innovations must be delivered within the City of Fremantle boundaries.
Businesses applying for the program must be primarily located in the City of Fremantle.
All applicants must complete the Expression of Interest form on the web page.
Calls for Expressions of Interest to participant in the program will close 12th February 2016.
After all Expressions of Interest to participate in the program are received, these will be vetted for eligibility against the points above and the EoI form criteria.
If the application is ineligible, you will be notified.
Eligible projects will be invited to participate in the pitching event via email. A direct email address must be supplied.
A full day pitching event will be run giving eligible applicants a brief, five minute pitch opportunity, wherein the community will consider the project on its merits – only limited supporting material may be supplied.
The community will then have the opportunity to vote on the projects it feels will best achieve the sustainability principles as outlined in the One Planet Strategy.
After all votes are tallied, an expert panel will assess the top scoring projects against the funding available.
The panel may require further information from the applicant prior to finalising a decision.
Assessment of applications will be made at the pitching event, and successful applicants informed.
Successful applicants will then work with to develop their crowdfunding campaign to be launched on the 2nd May 2016.
Campaigns will be linked through the City’s website and the platform.
If projects achieve their 50% ‘tipping point’ funding goal through their crowdmatch campaign, the City will match that funding.
It is likely that the City will receive more applications than it can support.  Applications are assessed against the assessment criteria by both the community and an expert panel. Therefore, successful applications are those judged best at addressing the assessment criteria and meeting community sustainability objectives.
The City of Fremantle reserves the right to reject any application that does not meet the criteria.
If your application is successful you will be required to:
Sign a funding agreement with City of Fremantle &
Provide an acquittal report at the end of the project to City of Fremantle &
Issue City of Fremantle with a tax invoice for the grant amount.
The group/organisation must have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and a bank account number.
In the case of a group/organisation not being incorporated and/or does not have an ABN, an auspicing body may assist with their application.  The auspicing body should be an incorporated group that would be responsible for the financial management of the funding.
Canvassing or lobbying elected members, employees of City of Fremantle or assessment panel members in relation to any funding application will render the application ineligible.




One Planet FreoMatch

The One Planet FreoMatch is available to not-for-profit organisations, local businesses and individuals seeking to undertake innovative projects or provide community activities which align with the City of Fremantle’s One Planet Strategy and the ten principles of sustainability that it communicates.

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