Social Enterprise Pitchfest @ Pause Festival


The Social Enterprise PitchFest, hosted by Social Traders, features eight social entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to industry and sector experts, live at Melbourne's Pause Festival.

These entrepreneurs were offered the chance to take maximum advantage of their exposure by launching Crowdfunding campaigns at the PtichFest, in partnership with Australia's leading social enterprise crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood. Below are the participating campaigns.

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Help Create the Future!

Support one of these great social enterprises to make a real difference for their community and cast a vote for a better type of business. Your support is crucial to allowing these entrepreneur's to create the future we all need, one where businesses are socially responsible and all members of the community are included and empowered.


About Social Traders

About StartSomeGood

As Australia’s leading social enterprise development organisation, Social Traders work to break the cycle of disadvantage and build resilience in Australian communities.  They believe business can do good and that social enterprise generates benefit by creating employment, providing access to services and strengthening local communities.  Using their expert knowledge and partnerships they help organisations of all shapes and sizes find better ways to achieve and contribute to sustainable social impact and change.

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StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform exclusively for community benefit projects. Over the last four years, they have enabled more than 750 projects raise over $8 million to make a positive impact in the world, and they have the best project success rate in cause crowdfunding at 53%.

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